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Learning Materials for April & May


As we move forward with distance learning, Learning Materials for Harris County School District students have been developed. Based on feedback from students, parents, and teachers, the size and scope of the Learning Materials has been adjusted. We tried to take into consideration that there may be multiple children in the household with multiple work-at-home adults, all competing for internet and computer access.

We are attempting to make sure students remain focused and engaged on academics while not overwhelming parents and students with information and assignments. While we are still focusing on the skills students have already learned throughout the year, many of the assignments in this packet allow for student choice and involve many activities that can be completed without special materials and access to the internet.  We feel very strongly that structure is important for all children. Therefore, we are encouraging designated educational time each day. The recommendations for grade levels are as follows:

Kindergarten through 2nd grade: 1 to 2 hours per day

3rd grade through 8th grade: 2 to 3 hours per day

9th grade through 12th grade: 3 to 5 hours per day

In addition to these designated times, we encourage a minimum of one hour per day of physical activity and one hour of quiet time (reading, writing in a journal, independent play, etc.) for all grade levels.

For elementary students (K-4), for the remainder of the year your Learning Materials will have an open-ended focus. Therefore, students will no longer have daily assignments, rather, they will have topics, activities, and learning opportunities as listed. This time should be filled with discussions and activities based on the “things you should expect from your child” list on the Learning Materials printout. Suggested activities also are included. In addition, read a lot, talk a lot, and encourage and model imaginative play.

For students in 5-12, this time should be filled with the assignments as noted in the Learning Materials. Specific deadlines, requirements, and expectations will be communicated through the individual Learning Materials. In addition, frequently engage your children in conversations regarding their feelings/opinions, current events, and world news. Also, use this time to help your child learn/master basic life skills including laundry or other specific household chores, cooking and meal planning, or organizing personal finances.


How to Get the Learning Packet Materials

For students with internet access, Learning Materials are continuing to be distributed electronically through email, school websites, and HC Google Classrooms. All HCSD students have access to these HC Google Classrooms where assignments from their grade level or content area are housed. Many students have already joined their Google Classroom; however, if they haven’t, the codes for these classes can be found below. The work found in the online Google Classroom is organized by the categories of: Online Resources, Other Materials, and by School. Please find your grade level or school in the list of topics, and open the materials listed for specific directions from your teacher or course. 

  1. Kindergarten - eakmco5
  2. HC 1st Grade - 6iib7si
  3. HC 2nd Grade - 5tmnees
  4. HC 3rd Grade - o7vij2j
  5. HC 4th Grade - qa7xb2g
  6. HC 5th Grade - ncok7tx
  7. HC 6th Grade - pjai7io
  8. HC 7th Grade - x5athtv
  9. HC 8th Grade - 6rawcey
  10. High School Math - 5qkzkem
  11. High School AP Calculus - tfwital
  12. High School AP Statistics - xd7uge6/bbb63dx/dfyretx
  13. High School ELA - zhujex5
  14. High School Social Studies - cpahdgo
  15. High School Foreign Language Spanish - zc5jb47
  16. High School Foreign Language French - bgzxasi
  17. High School Science - x2p3sdo
  18. High School Computer Science - 4gryxmf
  19. High School CTAE - w65fe7z

Students still have access to information from their teachers’ posts and are welcome to explore the information posted from other schools for the same grade level.

For students without internet access, paper copies of the new Learning Materials will be available Tuesday April 7th for contactless, self-serve pickup in front of multiple Harris County Schools as listed below:

  • Kindergarten through 4th grade – Packets are located at each elementary school and also will be available at the front of Harris County High School.
  • Creekside Intermediate (5th and 6th grades) – Packets are located at the front of Creekside and will be available at the front of Harris County High School.
  • Harris County Carver Middle School (HCCMS) – Packets are located at the front of Harris County High School.
  • Harris County High School – Packets are in front of Harris County High School.

Any Learning Packets that were requested but not picked up prior to Spring Break are still available at the front of the High School and are organized alphabetically in bins. 

A popular question is what to do with completed work. Teachers should be in touch with students to check in with how students are doing. Other guidance on grades and requirements will be forthcoming. District leaders are working to determine policies and procedures for moving forward.

Any questions about Learning Materials can be directed to the curriculum department by calling 706-628-4206, ext. 1211 and leaving a message. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.

706-628-4206 Ext. 1211