Team Assignment Information

  • HCCMS Homeroom and Team Assignment flyers will be mailed by July 29, team assignment input was published May 20-24, 2019. This mail out will be packed with Back to School Info. Teams have been very carefully built to meet the academic needs of all students. The opportunity for parents to provide academic and team placement input was published May 2016. Team assignments are not subject to change. The following information is used to build heterogeneous balanced teams: -Parent input (collected May 2016) -Student performance data (standardized test achievement, grades, RTI, SST, etc.) -Program requirements (IEP, 504, Pre-AP, Accelerated Math, Gifted, etc.) -State class size requirements -State funding mandates *Every Team: -is staffed by highly qualified teachers -differentiates for all students to be successful -historically performs at equally high levels -plans together and follows the same subject area unit plans -administers the same 9 weeks tests -addresses the needs of high achieving students -provides gifted, Pre-AP, co-taught language arts and math classes for enrichment or support

Important Dates

  • -In late July, post cards will be mailed to registered students with team/homeroom assignments. This information will be on the mailing label.

    -Tuesday, August 6: A drop in Sneak-a-Peek will be from 3:00-5:30pm.

    HCCMS students may visit the campus and locate their homerooms and teams.   Please drop in between 3:00-5:30 pm.  Many back to school tasks can be taken care of at once-PE shirts can be purchased $10, set up locker rentals $7, make lunch money deposits and volunteer sign ups can be completed in the cafeteria during Sneak A Peek.

    -Wednesday, August 7: First day of school   Student class schedules  will be issued in homeroom.   The school day is from 8:00am-2:55pm. Morning car rider drop off is in the front parking lot. After school car rider pick up is in the back parking lot. Please do not arrive on campus for pick up until 2:35pm once all buses have entered and lined up. We have a one-way driveway. The entrance driveway is by the football field.


Team Supply Lists


  • -Regular  bus riders  will be informed of their bus number, driver name, pick up and drop off times by the Harris County Schools Transportation Department.  Bus riders NEW to Harris County: Parents must request bus transportation using the  New Student Transportation Form.   Please complete the form and mail or attach and email to .  You may fax the form to 706-628-5737.  Parents should have a plan to transport their child until their bus request is formally approved by the Harris County Transportation Office.  If you have moved, complete a request to update your address information.  

    All changes in bus transportation must be approved by Assistant Principals during first period. Some buses do not have room for guest riders.

School Departure

  • Students begin to board buses at 2:55pm. Buses will depart at 3:00pm. Car riders report to the cafeteria at 2:55pm and will begin to load after all buses have arrived.

    For safety purposes, the drive way will be blocked at 2:15pm. If you need to check out your child early, please do so before 2:15 pm. Cars may not enter the campus until 2:55pm or after all buses are on campus. Cars will be staged in rows behind the gym. Students are loaded into all cars and then dismissed by row. Please be patient as new students and parents learn this routine. Allow additional time for Afternoon pick up the first few days of school. Get more information about Afternoon Pick Up Procedures.


  • -Locker rental fee $7.00. Only basic supplies (notebook paper and pencil or pen) will be needed the first 2 days of school.

    - Book bags  should not be brought to school the first few days of school. Only a notebook with paper and a pen or pencil is needed the first days of school. Book bags may be brought after lockers are issued the second week of school. Textbooks will be assigned after lockers are issued. Locker rental is $7.00 this year due to maintenance and lock replacement costs.

    -First semester PE students do not dress out the first week of school.

School Arrival

  • Students should arrive by 7:55! Classes start at 8:00am sharp. Car riders are dropped off at the front entrance. Students may arrive as early as 7:15am and wait quietly in the main lobby for dismissal to homeroom at 7:30am. Classroom doors will be closed and students will be considered tardy after 8:00am. Tardy students should report to the main lobby for a pass to class.

New Student Registration

  • Parents and Students who are new to Harris County:

    Plan to attend Registration at HCCMS

    Students are encouraged to attend for academic screening.

    Needed Documents to Register for School:

    • Student's Social Security Card
    • Final Report Card/Withdrawal form
    • Proof of Residence
    • Student's Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Infomration on Georgia Form
    • Eye, Ear, and Dental Form
    If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Wanda Calhoun.

Dress Code

  • The student dress code has relaxed over the years to allow students to enjoy current trends. It does not allow for holes in jeans or clothing, tank tops, flip flops, plunging necklines, swim wear, or hemlines closer to the hip than the knee. If in doubt, check it out-in advance with school administration. The dress code is in the student handbook on our website. Please review the dress code or call a grade level office if you have questions as you do back to school shopping. 

    Dress Code 2019-2020

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Cafeteria Information

  • - HCBOE Meal Price List TBA

    HCCMS Breakfast:  , Reduced: 

    HCCMS Lunch:  Reduced: 

    -Students should bring money or a sack lunch and label all items with the student's first and last name. Students are allowed to charge lunch twice. After 2 charges, an alternate sandwich meal will be provided. Breakfast may not be charged.

    We will have a Box To Go Breakfast plan for students to pick up their breakfast immediatly after arriveing from the cafeteria and then report to homeroom. Students will be able to eat their breakfast in homeroom, watch HCCMS Tiger News , Channel One Youth News  and have a smart start for the day. 


  • - Very important forms will be sent home on the first day of school. Forms should be completed and returned to the homeroom teacher before the first Friday. 

    HCCMS Student Handbook (Draft)




Parent Portal

  • -Parent Portal is an online resource for parents to monitor their child's grades and attendance. Enrolled parents receive automatic "missing or failing work" notices via email. 

    Email if you have questions. Feel free to drop by the school to set up an account.

Cell Phones

  • -Cell phones should be turned off and kept out of sight during the school day unless being used for instruction as determined by the classroom teacher. Students may use grade level office phones upon approval.  Chronic misuse of phones or electronic devices may result in disciplinary action. Parents should call grade level offices or counselors to leave urgent messages for students.

Tips to have an easy and successful first week of school

  • 1. Label personal items (lunch boxes, notebooks, etc) with a first and last name. 2. Know home address and parent contact numbers. 3. Parents and students should know the after school transportation plan. Car rider or bus rider? Be sure to request bus transportation if you are a new rider or moved over the summer. 4. Set up breakfast and lunch account deposits in advance at Sneak a Peek. 5. Review the online Student Handbook for dress code. 6. Set a goal for perfect attendance! The state expectation is for students to have 6 or fewer days absent for the school year. 7. Parents should remember to bring in their photo ID each time they sign out their child.