• Supply List for Team 8-3


    3 ring binder(s) (2 inches or larger- may be shared between subjects) Language Arts, Science, and/or

     GA Studies

    Five Star 5 Subject Notebook- Math

    Section dividers

    Notebook paper

    Graph paper


    Pencil erasers

    Pens (blue/black)

    2-Composition notebooks (Science and Language Arts)

    Handheld pencil sharpener

    Markers/crayons/color pencils

    TI-30XS Multiview Calculator (We have a class set for school but students could use one at home)

    Flash drive

    Ear buds/headphones

    Index cards

     Highlighters (2 colors)

    Poster boards for projects


    Team Wish List


    Paper Towels

    Clorox Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    Notebook paper

    Graph Paper

    Pencils and Erasers

    Expo dry-erase markers

     Hand Sanitizer

    Zipper Baggies-science