Technology Safety

    at HCCMS

    Check out the links below for information on HCCMS' tech safety. A special thanks to Mr. Jonathan Smith compiling the information below.


    "There are ways around some of our safeguards.  This is true; there are ways around our web filter, some of our group policy settings, etc.  We have to try to strike a balance between security and functionality.  For example, I have set our group policy to prevent student from accessing the computer's display properties, but it is still possible for a student to change the wallpaper (and some students have figured out how.)  I know how to close this loophole, but it would disable all of the computer's right-click functions, which is not acceptable.

    No system is perfect, but I am confident that the safeguards we have in place do a good job."

    By Jonathan Smith, Technology Specialist at HCCMS 

    Active Directory Group Policy

    Our network prevents access to such functions as Control Panel, Run, and Internet Options.  Command Prompt is disabled

    Example: Allows admin to make it so that certain functions do not even show up on student computers.  Makes it so that even with a flash drive you cannot run a program.