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  • HCCMS Attendance Policy

    Importance of Attendance

    Daily school attendance is directly related to student performance, future graduation and habits in the workplace.
    ·Students must check in or out for the day by 11:30 am to be counted present.  (Examples: Full attendance for the morning or the afternoon.)
    For an absence to be considered excused; a note from the parent/physician must be received in the main office within 3 school days.
    ·Excused absences include: illness, immediate family serious illness or death, religious holidays, mandated government or court order appointments, conditions rendering school hazardous to health or safety.
    · A student must sign in by 11:30 am to be considered present. Students at HCCMS must be present to attend or participate in afterschool extracurricular activities (examples; games, dances, concerts, etc.)
    ·Students with more than 10 unexcused absences within the current or previous academic year will not be eligible to obtain a learner’s license on their 15th birthday. This is a requirement of the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety.
    ·To meet school CCRPI goals, students should not exceed 6 days absent in a school year.
    ·Students absent 15 or more days may be retained.