• HCCMS Attendance Policy

    School attendance is a strong indicator of school success! HCCMS places high importance on student attendance, and it is the expectation that students make every effort to be present at school each day. In middle school, attendance is recorded for each period of the day. Absences, late arrivals, and early checkouts negatively impact instruction and learning.  

    • Upon returning to school after any absence, the student must bring a note within 3 days to their homeroom teacher or upload it electronically, signed by a parent or guardian or physician, explaining the reason for the absence. Excuses sent after 3 days from return will not be excused.
    • A maximum of 5 parent notes for the school year will be accepted as excused absences.
    • A student absent from school cannot participate in extracurricular activities that day.
    • Students must sign in by 11:30 am to be considered present for the day. Individual class period attendance will also be monitored closely. Checkouts after 2:25 pm are regarded as an absence for 7th period, and an excuse will be required.
    • The state expectation is no more than 6 days absent (excused or unexcused) for the school year.
    • Students who miss 16 or more school days may be retained for the year.  The faculty and administration of HCCMS do not condone absences except for those reasons defined by Board policy.  Family vacations and trips are not acceptable, excused absences from school.
      • See Harris County BOE Student Behavior Code and Attendance Protocol for complete policies.
    • In the case of any absence, including Out of School Suspension (OSS), the student should work with their teachers to arrange make-up for missed work. Students have 3 days upon returning to complete make-up work.
    Perfect Attendance is recognized at the end-of-year Honors Day programs for students who have not missed any days of school and/or classes.