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    Important Press Release from GA Dept. of Education

    Buses Update:

    Due to the number of students assigned to buses, it has become necessary to impose a "no guest rider" procedure.  This is done in an effort to afford the students assigned to these routes a more safe and confortable ride to and from school. 

    Parents should also keep in mind; groups of students are not allowed to ride buses home with students for after school parties or social time.  Arrangements to pick students up should be made.  This most commonly occurs on Fridays and can cause bus overcrowding.

    Each child with a change of transportation should have a note indicating the student's name , the date, who they are allowed ride with, and a parent signature.  Students should turn in change of transportation notes to their grade level offices for approval between 7:30-8:30 am.

    Afternoon Car Rider Information

    Parents who pick up their son or daughter should drive to the parking lot in front of the school. Vehicles will park parallel to the front doors of the school in rows.  When one row is filled please start another row. Please do not try and crowd in on a row that is full because you will prevent other vehicles from entering the parking lot. Students will be released to find their ride home after all car riding students arrive at the front of the school. Vehicles will be released from the parking lot one row at a time starting with the row of vehicles closest to the school. When all of the students arrive and traffic is stopped, they will be released to enter their parent/guardian’s car. For the safety of your son or daughter, please do not ask them to cross traffic once vehicles begin moving again in the parking lot.







    At approximately 3:15pm, students whose ride has not arrived will be escorted to the cafeteria at the front of the school to be picked up by 3:30pm.







    Please be patient with the traffic procedures, as we are concerned about the safety of our students. This process worked well last year and it was surprisingly pretty fast. Thank you for your cooperation.



    HCCMS Administration