•   Parents must register students in their home school district and must bring:

    • Social Security Card or sign a waiver 
    • Report Card from previous school year
    • Proof of residency (Policy DFH) 
      • Utility bill not more than 60 days old and has the service address on the bill (no cell phone bills)
      • Proof of purchase of Harris County automobile tags
      • Proof of voter registration in Harris County
      • Occupancy permit if moving into a newly constructed home (parents provide a check and send to the finance office to hold for 30 days; at that time, parents provide proof of moving in home or the check will be cashed)
      • If parents are living with another family, the parents and the owner of the home provide a notarized form (form is provided by the school) that the parents and the student are living with the homeowner.  Bring the notarized form along with a utility bill with the homeowners name on it to the school.   
    • Birth Certificate*
      • Pre-K (birth certificate, passport, or official medical documentation for proof that student is four years of age by September 1 of year of enrollment)   
    • Immunization on GA Form (can obtain from Health Department or Physician)**   
    • Eye, Ear and Dental Form (can obtain from Health Department or Physician)**


    Out of County Students

    There are no fees and/or tuition required from students whose parents are residents of Harris County.  Students registered in Harris County schools must present proof of address (utility bill, tax bill, etc.). No student will be penalized or denied full participation in any state-funded instructional program.  A tuition fee is charged for each out of county student according to board policy DFH. 

    Eligibility: Only those students who reside in Harris County shall be entitled to attend Harris County schools. The Harris County Board of Education, however, will accept and allow students to reside in the State of Georgia outside of Harris County to enroll and attend Harris County schools upon the payment of tuition and compliance with its policy. Out-of-state students shall not be accepted to attend Harris County schools except for children of teachers and employees.

    Application: An out-of-county application must be completed prior to initial enrollment and must be approved by the school principal before enrollment is permitted. Enrollment is permitted at the beginning of a semester only. No mid-semester enrollments shall be permitted. Approval of this application is based upon the enrollment in the grade at that particular school if space is available. School principals shall refuse admission to students if the class size will be overloaded so as to cause additional employees to be hired; and the admission also will be refused to students who have not paid the tuition due prior to the fifth school day. School bus transportation from an existing bus stop within Harris County may be provided on a space available basis. Otherwise, the parents of out-of-county students shall be totally responsible for the transportation of the students from the place of residence to the school in which the student is enrolled. Out-of-county applicants who return for an ensuing school year will be required to fill out a renewal application and pay the tuition as provided for herein. Returning out-of-county students do not have a right to continued enrollment, and are subject to enrollment upon space being available at their grade level.

    Tuition: The tuition for an out-of-county student attending Harris County School shall be $4,200.00 per school year ($2,100.00 per semester). The tuition shall be reviewed annually and set so as to reflect the average locally financial per student cost for the preceding school year, excluding the local fair share funds required pursuant to O.C.G.A. §20-2-164. This fee is effective at the beginning of the school year and is payable by the semester (50% each) prior to the fifth day of each semester. Checks shall be made payable to the Harris County Board of Education. Principals shall forward all checks with the approved application to the Central Office in a timely fashion. Such checks will be deposited in the general fund of the school system. Refunds of 50% of the amount paid will be given for students who withdraw during the first six weeks of either semester. After six weeks, no tuition refunds will be given upon withdrawal.

    Failure To Pay Tuition: Any parents of and student residing out-of-county enrolled in the Harris County School System who are eligible to pay tuition shall be responsible to see that tuition is paid. If an out-of-county student is discovered by school officials to be attending Harris County schools without paying tuition, the student will be immediately withdrawn from school. The student shall be eligible for re-enrollment as an out-of-county student only upon the payment of all unpaid tuition plus a premium of fifty percent (50%) of the unpaid tuition. If the unpaid tuition and premium thereon is not paid within five (5) school days after the withdrawal, the student shall not be eligible to attend Harris County schools in the future as a non-resident student. If an out-of-county student is found to have not paid tuition and re-enrolls upon payment of the unpaid tuition and the premium thereon and then is found to not have paid tuition a second time, the student shall be withdrawn and shall not be allowed to return regardless of the circumstances.