• High School Readiness Presentation

  • Georgia Milestones Comparison Presentation

Important Dates

  • ¢   January – HCHS CTAE Fair @ HCCMS

    ¢  February  – Rising 9th Grade Orientation @ HCHS Auditorium

    ¢  February – Teams 8-1 & 8-2 will visit HCHS

    ¢  February  – HCHS Counselors visit HCCMS to review registration forms with all 8th graders.

4-Year Plan Portal

  • Students in grade 5-8 have used GCISjr to explore career options and complete interest surveys.  As 8th graders, students work with their counselor to create a 4-year plan which will serve as the basis for scheduling at the high school.  To view your student's 4-year plan simply log-in using the steps below:

    1.Click on the image to the above

    2.Enter the students UN and PW

    3.Click enter

    4.In the navigation, select "My Portfolio" then click on "Course Planner

    Usernames can be created in the following way:

    [graduation year][last name][first initial]@harriscountyschools.org


    Passwords are the student’s birthdates in the following form: 



Contact Us

  • For more information, contact:

    Mr. Steve Hammonds

    8th Grade Counselor

    Harris County Carver Middle Schoool



The HCCMS Transition Plan to High School

  • As your child continues to grow and mature, our focus is preparing them for high school and beyond.  Throughout the year, we will be exploring many resources to expose students to a wide variety of options and opportunities.  Harris County Carver Middle School has set forth a plan to encourage the success of all students which begins with a smooth and successful transition into high school.  Please review our plan below and assist when possible.


       Step 1 (September)

    8th grade students will participate in a field trip to Columbus Technical College for career exploration.

       Step 2 (October)

    8th grade students will complete career interest inventory’s to determine their strengths and interests. 

    Students will also update their Georgia Career Information Center (GCIC Jr) accounts.

        Step 3 (November)

    8th grade students will be introduced to the High School graduation requirements through Classroom Guidance sessions.

       Step 4  (December)

    8th grade students will create a Four Year Plan.  Plans will be sent home for parent review.  This is NOT the official HCHS Four Year Plan, but will provided students and parents an idea of what to expect as we continue to plan together for their future.

    Initial information about the HOPE Scholarship Program will be sent home for parent review.

        Step 5  (December)

    Parents, if the Four Year Plan meets your expectations, please sign and return plans by the date indicated.

    If you have questions, or wish to discuss this process, call the 8th Grade Counselor at 706-628-4951 or by email at hammonds-steve@harris.k12.ga.us to set up an appointment. Phone appointments and personal consultations are both available.

       Step 6 (January)

    8th grade students will complete an Online Mock High School Four-Year Plan through GCIS Jr.). 

    Parents are encouraged to sign-in with their student to review this plan.  (www.gcic.peachnet.edu)

       Step 7 (January-February)

    HCCMS will host a CTAE fair so 8th grade students may explore high school pathways available at Harris County High School. 

    Date:  January,  HCCMS Gym

     Step 8 (February)

    Harris County High School will host a Parent/Student Orientation Night to review requirements, expectations, and the high school experience.  Families are highly encouraged to attend.

    Date:  February,  Harris County High School Auditorium.

       Step 9  (February)

    8th grade students will visit to the HCHS campus and participate in a freshman orientation.  Students will receive information on course offerings and  the registration process

    Dates:  February 

       Step 10  (February)

    HCHS counselors will visit HCCMS to discuss and start the registration process.  The updated HCHS 2016-17 Course Offering book will be made available

    Dates:  February 

       Step 11  (Late February)

    The student’s team teachers will make course recommendations for each student for the up-coming school year.

       Step 12  (February-March)

    The completed HCHS course registration form, with teacher recommendations, will be sent home with students for parent review.  Forms should be signed and returned by the date indicated.

    If you have questions, or wish to discuss course selections, call the 8th Grade Counselor at 706-628-4951 or by email at hammonds-steve@harris.k12.ga.usto set up an appointment. Phone appointments and personal consultations are both available.

       Step 13  (March)

    Registration Materials are collected and submitted to HCHS for processing and scheduling. 

       Step 14  (April- July)

    Individual student schedules are created using the information provided.  Other factors in scheduling are school and State requirements and course availability.

    Individual student schedules will not be available until the start of school.


    Contact the 8th grade counselor if you have any questions about this process.