• HCSD Public WIFI

    To assist students and families with internet access, the Harris County School District (HCSD) has increased the internet accessibility available at the front of its schools. HC-Public WIFI is free for anyone to use.

    Things users should know:

    • All HC-Public activity will be filtered and monitored.
    • The public WIFI network will appear as HC-Public. (No password is required).
    • When the user selects HC-Public, a page will open prompting the user to accept terms of service (like connecting to WIFI at a hotel).
    • After users check the box to accept the terms of service and click CONNECT, they will be able browse.
    • HC-Public will be available at all HCSD schools, including the EOC, and the Central Office.
    • Access points are positioned to provide coverage in the front parking lots of schools.
    • The approximate range is 150 feet.