• Recommended 4th Grade Supply List




    • 1 old play shirt (for STEAM projects) PLEASE LABEL WITH CHILD’S NAME.
    • 1 pair of headphones (preferably not ear buds)
    • 1 zippered cloth pencil pouch
    • 2 box tissues
    • 1 highlighter
    • 6 packs #2 pencils
    • 12 glue sticks
    • 1 pack colored pencils
    • 1 pack of washable markers
    • 1 box 16-24 count crayons (nothing larger, please)
    • 1 one inch three ring binder with pockets (no trapper keepers, please)
    • 2 packages wide ruled notebook paper
    • 1 pair scissors (nothing special-These will be in the community supplies. )
    • 3 composition notebook (Label with first and last name.)
    • 36 cap erasers (This is an item that students use daily! Any extra donations are greatly appreciated! )
    • 3 PLASTIC folders with prongs:
      • Red-Reading, ELA, & Social Studies (Label with first and last name.)
      • Blue-Math & Science (Label with first and last name.)
      • Green- Take Home Folder
    • 1 2 inch roll of masking tape
    • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
    • Girls: quart zipper bags
    • Boys: gallon zipper bags

    Wish List:  

    While these items are not requested, we would greatly appreciate any contributions:

    • hot glue sticks (regular size)
    • dry erase markers
    • sharpies
    • hand soap
    • Elmer’s glue

    Please do not bring any items that are not on the list. We will be using tables instead of desks and will not have space for storing additional items.

    ALL SUPPLIES (with the exception of shirts, headphones, binders, folders, and notebooks) ARE COMMUNITY SUPPLIES! 


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