• Agriculture,Food, Natural Resources  Agriculture,Food, Natural Resources  Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (SkillsUSA)
    Animal Science Pathway (FFA) Forest Science Pathway (FFA) Automobile Maintenance Light Repair Pathway
    *Basic Agriculture Science *Basic Agriculture Science *Basic Maintenance & Light Repair
    **General Horticulture **General Horticulture **Maintenance & Light Repair 2
    ***Animal Science ***Forest Science or Wildlife Management ***Maintenance & Light Repair 3
    Architecture and Construction Pathway (SkillsUSA) Architecture and Construction Pathway (SkillsUSA) Teaching as a Profession Pathway 
    *Industry Fundamentals  & Occupational Safety *Industry Fundamentals & Occupational Safety *Examining the Teaching Profession
    **Intro to Construction **Intro to Metals **Contemporary Issues in Education
    *** Carpentry or Electrical  ***Welding or Machining  ***Teaching as a Profession Practicum
    Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Information Technology Programming Pathway (FBLA) Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security
    Engineering Drafting & Design Pathway (TSA) *Intro to Digital Technology Criminal Investigations Pathway (SkillsUSA)
    *Intro to Drafting & Design **Computer Science Principles *Intro to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security
    **Survey of Engineering Drawing ***Programming, Games, Apps & Society OR **Criminal Justice Essentials
    ***3D Modeling & Analysis ***AP Computer Science (GAVS)  ***Criminal Investigations
    Health Science: Therapeutic Services/Patient Care  Health Science: Therapeutic Services/Allied Health &  Health Science:Therapeutic Services/Sports Medicine 
    Pathway (HOSA) Medicine Pathway (HOSA) Pathway (HOSA)
    *Intro to Healthcare Science *Intro to Healthcare Science *Intro to Healthcare Science
    **Essentials of Healthcare **Essentials of Healthcare **Essentials of Healthcare
    ***Patient Care Fundamentals ***Allied Health & Medicine ***Sports Medicine
    Business Management & Administration Business/Finance   Government & Public Administration: JROTC Pathway
    Businees & Technology  Pathway (FBLA) Business Accounting Pathway (FBLA) JROTC IA, JROTC IB, JROTC IIA, JROTC IIB, 
    *Intro to Business & Technology *Intro to Business & Technology JROTC  III A, JROTC III B, JROTC IV A, JROTC IV B              
    **Business  & Technology **Financial Literacy *3 Semesters of JROTC can replace Health/PE
    ***Business Communications ***Principles of Accounting  
    Graphic Design Pathway (SkillsUSA) Graphic Communications Pathway (SkillsUSA) Fine Arts Pathways
    *Intro to Graphics & Design *Intro to Graphics & Design Visual Arts: I- VIII  (NAHS, Art Club)    
    **Graphics Design & Communications **Graphics Design & Communications Theatre:  Fundamentals, Advanced, Tech, Musical,
    ***Graphic Output Processes ***Advanced Graphic Design                   Theatre Marketing (Thesbian Society) 
    Hospitality, Recreation, Tourism Pathway (DECA) Sports & Entertainment Marketing Pathway (DECA)  Chorus: Beginning, Intermediate, Adv (Tri M)     
    *Marketing Principles *Marketing Principles Band: Beginning, Intermediate, Adv(Band Leadership) 
    **Hospitality, Recreation, Tourism Essentials **Intro to Sports & Entertainment Marketing  
    ***Hospitality, Recreation, Tourism Management ***Adv Sports & Entertainment Marketing   
    * First Level    **Second Level  *** Third Level
    Courses must be taken in order.  Club Affliates are listed by each pathway.