Our Mission

  • Our mission at Creekside School is to provide quality teaching and learning experiences through a rigorous and relevant curriculum anchored in a foundation of authentic relationships. 

  •   Warrior Pride at Creekside

    Community : Warriors will be involved in the Harris County and school community

    Respect: Warriors will demonstrate respect with all things Creekside

    Expectation   : Warriors will set and meet high expectations

    Essential   : Warriors will value connection classes as an essential part of the learning experience at Creekside.

    Knowledge: Warriors will demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways

    Success : Warriors will work hard to experience success in all areas

    Inspire: Warriors will inspire others through their example

    Diversity: Warriors will be proud of the diversity in their tribes

    Encourage: Warriors will encourage each other to be successful


    Teamwork: Warriors will value teamwork and the strengths of all

    Responsible: Warriors will be responsible for their actions

    Imprint : Warriors will leave a mighty imprint for future classes

    Boldness : Warriors will say with boldness that there is pride in the Creekside tribe!

    Excellence : Warriors will settle for nothing less than excellence!