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    Graduation Course Requirements



    English: 9th Lit/Comp, 10th Lit/Comp, American Lit/Comp, English Lit/Comp

    Social Studies: World History, U.S. History, American Government/Economics

    Science: Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry or Environmental Science, Science Elective (Fourth science may be used to meet both the science and elective requirements.)

    Mathematics: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus or College Readiness Math. 

    Accelerated Algebra, Accelerated Geometry, Accelerated Pre-Calculus and 4th course in higher math. AP Calculus/AP Statistics/College Algebra.

    Health/Personal Fitness: 1 unit is required for all students; Three units of JROTC may be used to meet the requirement.

    CTAE and/or Foreign Language and/or Fine Arts: A total of three units are required from Career Technical courses and/or Foreign Language and/or Fine Arts for all students. Students planning to enter or transfer into a University of Georgia institution or other post-secondary institution must take two units of the same Foreign Language.

    Electives: A total of nine units.

    Total units required for graduation = 28 units