Student Counseling Services
  • Mission Statement: To provide each HCCMS middle school students with support and guidance to help them make to succeed in the areas of social, academic and career


     All parents are encouraged to feel free to contact us by email or telephone anytime.


    Phone: (706) 628-4951


    7th Grade Counselor

    Cameron Chapman


    8th Grade Counselor

    Steve Hammonds


    Military & Family Life Counseling 

    Jackie Miller 


    Apex Counselor 

    Kimberly Garcia 



    Students can request to see their guidance counselor by:

    1). Dropping by;

    2). Telling their teacher and the teacher will email the counselor

    3). Going to the 8th grade office of main office and requesting

    Report Bullying

  • Lessons 



    The topic is “School Success.”  I also introduce myself and discuss my role as school counselor, where my office is located, and how to get in touch with me.  The “School Success” discussion address how to be successful both academically and socially at school.  We also discuss safety and ways to keep one another safe.




       HCCMS has a school wide HERO Day to address ways to cope with bullying and what bullying is.

    8th grade - Field trip to Columbus Technical College.



     GCIS Jr. activity on Career Exploration.  Students choose at least 3 careers to save in their GCIS Jr portfolios.



     Positive ways to deal with conflict.  We discuss potential problems middle schoolers face almost daily, i.e., bullying, conflicts, gossip, etc. and how best to cope



    8th Grade:  Introduction to high school graduation requirements and 4 year plans.

    7th Grade: Students are taken to the computer lab to complete the GCIS activity, Reality Check. 



    8th Grade:  Students will develop their own 4 year plans based on high school requirements and save it to their GCIS Jr. account

    7th Grade: Student are taken to the computer lab to complete the GCIS activity, Career Clusters. 



    8th Grade:  Tour of Harris County High School and learn about electives and technical/career pathway courses.

    7th Grade: Students continue to work on GCIS activity, Career Clusters.



    8th Grade: Harris County High School counselors will come and speak with 8th grade students about registering for high school classes for the upcoming school year.  Students will be given registration forms after the registration process has been explained.

    7th Grade:  We begin coordinating with Creekside for future 7th graders-Creekside Night is typically scheduled this month to invite the upcoming 7th graders and parents to come learn about HCCMS and meet the teachers



    Milestones Test Prep



    8th Grade: Milestones retakes and transitions to high school.

    7th Grade: Reality Check Live through Social Studies Classes-students are given the opportunity to go through a Simulation of the Real World, students are given a scenario, some with jobs/salaries and some jobless and are given a checkbook and have to decide where to start in the real world (various stations are set up throughout the gym-employment office, charity, grocery store, housing, utilities, etc.)

  •  HCCMS is committed to providing a SAFE ENVIRONMENT for all students.


    We encourage students to always show respect and report inappropriate behavior between students.  Never be a bystander.

    Bullying is not tolerated!

    Antibully1                                      HERO antibully2









    Parents are encouraged to communicate with our counselors and administrators if you have questions or concerns.


    HERO stands for Help Everyone Respect Others.  HCCMS has a HERO day when all students participate in HERO day classroom activities to address different topics.  The 8th grade HERO topics are 1). What is bullying – Students will discuss their definition of bullying.  The purpose to get students thinking about what bullying really is and how ti impacts everyone.  Different styles of bullying are addressed as well as how to cope; 2). What is a victim – Students will understand how bullying can cause unwanted negative feelings.  Students will work together and role play positive ways  victim can cope with being bullied; 3). What is a bystander – Students will understand the different appropriate ways to respond when they see a person being bullied.; and 4). Community Mural – Students will share positive ways to create a bully free school.


  • Warning signs for youth suicide


    Vistit for more help.

    (Listed below are the potential warning signs that someone may be depressed and/or suicidal)



    Reckless behavior or activities – such as violent actions, risk taking, rebellious behavior and running away


    Dramatic changes in mood


    Loss of interest in pleasurable activities; withdrawing from friends


    Sense of being a burden


    Profound sense of loneliness, alienation and isolation


    No sense of purpose in life, No reason for living


    Changes in sleeping and eating habits


    Decline in school work/grades


    Giving away prized possessions, saying goodbye


    Neglecting their appearance and hygiene


    Drug and/or alcohol abuse


    Fixation with death or violence


    Signs of Depression



    Difficulty concentration, remembering details, and making decisions


    Fatigue and decreased energy


    Feelings of guilt, worthlessness and/or helplessness


    Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism


    Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping


    Irritability, restlessness


    Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex


    Overeating or appetite loss


    Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment


    Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings  


    Vistit for more help.