Mulberry Creek Elementary School


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MCE Vision

  • Mulberry Creek Elementary Vision

    Our goal is to be a premier school in which every child, every day, is engaged in learning and moving toward college, career, and life readiness upon graduation from high school.


    To be college, career, and life ready students must:

    1. Be physically, emotionally, and socially healthy
    2. Be exceptional readers
    3. Posses a wide variety of mathematical skills and be able to apply them in real world situations
    4. Be highly skilled at written and spoken communication
    5. Be creative and innovative problem solvers
    6. Possess highly developed 21st century technology skills
    7. Have empathy for people and function as a productive citizen at the local, state, national, and global levels.
    8.  Have deep understanding of the world they live in (Science and social studies).
    9. Be self reliant while also being able to contribute to a team
    10. Be resourceful
    11. Be self disciplined
    12. Have an appreciation for the arts and humanities (Art, music, literature, poetry, etc.)


    The above vision and attributes will be accomplished through:

    • Highly qualified and professional teachers who are committed to providing the highest quality instruction and assessment in student centered and caring classrooms, and are lifelong learners themselves.
    • Highly trained and committed support staff that are committed to students and their well being, and are lifelong learners themselves.
    • High energy and professional school administrators who support teachers, students, and parents within effective educational and organizational structures that facilitate student learning and wellbeing. School administrators are lifelong learners themselves.
    • Parents committed to their students' education, and who share in the partnership of education.